Belinda Stroud, Psy.D., PSY 24593

Belinda Stroud, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist PSY24593

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Belinda Stroud, Psy.D., is in private practice in Mill Valley at Kite Hill Psychotherapy. She is also on staff at the Child Development Center, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco. Her training and experience are in treating children and adolescents with Mood, Anxiety, Attention Deficit, and Autistic Disorders, in addition to feeding, behavioral and social skills issues.

Is your child having difficulties with:

Many parents are surprised by and concerned about these challenging behaviors. After preschool, many children with emotional, social, and behavorial difficulties may mature and grow out of it, but others may get worse.

It is difficult to know which group your child is in, making it important to seek professional consultation as early as possible. When these issues go untreated, children are prone to develop symptoms that are frequently more severe than the initial problems that generated them. Children who experience increased disappointment, frustration, or rejection by others early in life are vulnerable to a wide range of complications including anxiety and mood disorders.

I tell parents that we must be detectives to find the clues that unlock the mystery of what makes their child function and behave as they do. Each child is an individual and we need to allow him or her to be spontaneous, authentic, and genuine. Until a child understands their own feelings, they cannot understand other's feelings or have a place and sense of belonging in the world.