Belinda Stroud, Psy.D., PSY 24593

Belinda Stroud, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist PSY24593

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Belinda Stroud, Psy.D., is in private practice in Mill Valley at Kite Hill Psychotherapy. She is also on staff at the Child Development Center, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco. Her training and experience are in treating children and adolescents with Mood, Anxiety, Attention Deficit, and Autistic Disorders, in addition to feeding, behavioral and social skills issues.


My experience has included working with a diverse population of socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, treating children diagnosed with Mood, Anxiety, Attention Deficit, and Learning Disorders, motor coordination delays, speech and language issues, medical/neurological conditions and syndromes, behavioral problems, feeding issues, and social skills deficits. I also have experience treating gay and lesbian parents, immigrant families, and adopted children.

I have enjoyed working with children from the time I volunteered with abused, physically disabled, and terminally ill children in Bay Area schools. Subsequently I worked as a substitute teacher in East Harlem at the Central Park East School, a leader in the progressive model of education both nationally and internationally. From this and other teaching experiences in NYC area public schools, I discovered how crucial it is for children to have a safe and nurturing environment to thrive. One day, while working at a failing school in the Bronx, a second grade boy came to me and told me that when he was old enough, he wanted to buy a gun and shoot himself. I found myself at a loss for words, and all I could say was how sorry I was that he felt that way. From that day, my path was clear.

Returning to California, I pursued and received a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology. I completed my Pre-Doctoral Internship at CPMC Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, treating children, adults, couples, and families. After my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the CPMC Child Development Center, I joined the staff as a Child Psychologist. I currently work with a multidisciplinary team of developmental pediatricians, pediatric psychiatrists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, educational therapists, psychologists, social workers, and intake coordinators. 

Over the years, I have developed a sensitivity and compassion not only for the children who act out and scream for help, but also for those who suffer quietly and are often overlooked.