Belinda Stroud, Psy.D., PSY 24593

Belinda Stroud, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist PSY24593

See Kite Hill Kids for our current social groups for girls and boys.

Belinda Stroud, Psy.D., is in private practice in Mill Valley at Kite Hill Psychotherapy. She is also on staff at the Child Development Center, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco. Her training and experience are in treating children and adolescents with Mood, Anxiety, Attention Deficit, and Autistic Disorders, in addition to feeding, behavioral and social skills issues.


Social Skills Groups
Using evidence-based practices and interventions, we offer dyads of 2 children with 1 facilitator or groups of 4-6 children with 2 facilitators; group size and length are determined by level of functioning. A weekly peer group provides the necessary structure and consistency for your child to practice social interactions. We selectively group children with complementary emotional/social functioning and language abilities to facilitate group cohesion. We help peers understand each other's individual differences in an environment that promotes safety and acceptance. Children learn a sense of "belonging" that they may have had difficulty experiencing in school and other settings within their community and are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Children find that when they have challenges or difficulties, they are not alone, as their peers validate and help them problem-solve together. Our goal is to help children develop the tools they need to build meaningful and successful relationships with their peers and the world around them.

Individual Psychotherapy
Your child may be a good candidate for individual therapy. I provide individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.  For children in individual therapy, parent participation is necessary. A minimum of one parent consultation is required monthly but at times, more frequent consultations may be needed. Children benefit from a consistent and cohesive message from parents and all others providing care and services.

Parent Consultations
We must be detectives to find the clues to unlock the mystery of what makes your child behave as s/he does.  When children are struggling, parents often find themselves confused and unsure how to proceed. Understanding the functions of your child's behavior is the key. Examples of issues that can be discussed during our sessions include:

School Consultations
I coordinate with and interview teachers/staff, and observe your child in the classroom and the playground to provide individual recommendations and behavioral plans in the school setting.